Quilt Trip

If you live on planet Earth, you’ve probably noticed the latest winter accessories trend, quilting. Quilting isn’t a new concept or detail (in fact it was reportedly a trend in Fall 2013), but lately it seems as if it may be for the variations and styles it presents are anything but typical. Boots, coats, handbags, clutches all have quilting, which adds a new texture and a little bit of a bad-ass vibe with a hint of classic taste. Here are some items that I personally would sport during the winter season…and maybe spring too. 1. MICHAEL by Michael Kors Lizzie boot I know, I know. MK is everywhere and I kind of hate it. MK is the new old Coach…get it? Despite my strange distaste for the brand and the blind brand followers, I can’t help but actually like some of the pieces from the collections. These boots caught my eye because not only do they seem durable, but the gold toggle detail goes along nicely with the quilted shaft.

2. Any Quilted Leather Jacket Just ordered one from Forever 21 the other day, because a mid-twenties girl like myself is on a budget and believes that its not what you wear but how you wear it. Shout out to my main go-to Target! Anyway, Cara Delevigne sports her infamous 6 billion dollar (joking…) Burberry quilted/textured leather jacket, and everyone just HAS to get one too to compliment their bushy brows. I can dig it.

3. This sweatshirt from Target This Mossimo sweatshirt is casual, but gives a little edge to your usually boring sweatshirt and jeans weekend attire. Unfortunately, this item is no longer on Target.com, but I’m sure you determined shoppers can find a similar item out there. Monique from casuallychicbymonique.com wears it perfectly with this tweed mini skirt and shows that this is one item that can swing both ways. Pair it with leather leggings for a biker babe look, or prep it up with a skirt.

4. A Quilted baby clutch Stop thinking practically – you CANNOT bring gum to the bar tonight because it doesn’t fit in your clutch. That’s when you know your clutch is cuter than a baby rhino…alright, maybe not that cute. Despite the small size, these really do just look adorable and formal with any outfit. Make it quilted, and voila, a baby wannabe Chanel bag. In all seriousness though, these are great for going out for a night on the town and really have become a classic staple in any formal or not so formal nighttime look.

Photo credit: http://www.oasap.com/

Photo credit: http://www.oasap.com/

5. Ann Taylor Quilted Skirt For all the professional women out there, you know that Ann Taylor is one of the stops on your route for office clothing shopping. If you’re petite like me, you also are probably obsessed with AT’s selection. This quilted skirt is not only sexy, but 100% appropriate for the office. The perfect choice to go from work to happy hour.

5. A Quilted Coat If i had a million dollars, I would drop $800 of it on this DVF coat and then proceed to take off the fox fur and replace it with faux fur. Despite the dead animal on the hood, I love the cinched waist, length and design of the entire coat. It is easy enough to find a similar version, but this one really caught my eye.

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