Restaurant Rave: Hundred Acres

Although the name sounds like it might be one of a Winnie the Pooh themed children’s store, the atmosphere and food at Hundred Acres are sophisticated and welcoming to those of all ages.

Right on the corner of MacDougal and Prince, Hundred Acres is in the prime location for any Soho/Village brunch goers and only a 2 minute walk from the Spring Street subway station.

Upon arrival, I immediately fell in love with the quaint flower boxes hung outside the restaurant’s windows. The old wooden doors and dark molding outside reminded me that I was indeed near Soho. Everything unique and anything but modern.

Once seated inside, our server Michelle recommended the Meatballs and Grits and the Beignets, which we ordered despite almost everything on the menu looking appetizing. Thank goodness we took her recommendations seriously because this food was outstanding.

I have been to New Orleans and have eaten their cuisine. My mouth still waters every time I think of the beignets at the infamous Cafe du Monde. But, these Ricotta Beignets, which are drizzled with honey and lightly dusted with powdered sugar really may be better…please don’t be offended if you are an avid Cafe du Monde fan. The golden crisp shell, which contained just the right amount of sweet honey, was enough to make me love these beignets. But, it is what is on the inside that counts, right? “Welcome to heaven,” a voice said from the sky as I bit into the beignet and moist doughy goodness filled my mouth. The inside was not bread-like, but not like cake either. It was as if pastry dough and ricotta and clouds had a baby. A perfect baby.

image2 (1)

Moving onto the Meatballs and Grits. Again, home run. The warm grits sat beneath a delicious and slightly spicy tomato sauce with mini salty meatballs, which sat beneath sunny-side up eggs. A true ladder of success. So much flavor and colors in one dish makes me very happy. “I could definitely eat another one of these right now,” my friend said as she finished her plate. I think that about sums it up.

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I only ordered 2 of the sparking acres cocktail, but it was the perfect citrus drink you crave at brunch. The color is also lovely to look at. Definitely recommend if you like Bellinis and a little bit of a sweet flavor.

image3 (1)

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