Doughnut Domination

Am I the only one who has noticed a recent and slight obsession across social media with doughnuts? I have no idea why, and I’m certainly not saying it is a bad thing, but it is nothing else but very random. Call it fatass fashion or the perfect combination of primped and peckish, or just the domination of the doughnuts. God Bless America.

I have seen this doughnut float EVERYWHERE on Instagram, and while it is pretty cute, it makes me hungry just looking at it. Not really helpful when you have to be on it in a swimsuit. Find it at UO here.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters


Every doughnut shirt on Forever 21’s website is sold out…except this one (which will probably be sold out in 3 minutes).


Let’s not forget the new chic hairstyle that is perfect for a non-wash day – the hair doughnut bun. So cute, so classic, so…I’m really hungry now.


Phone cases are the new handbag – every girl has to have one and it actually has a practical purpose. While a purse protects and hold all your unnecessary completely necessary things (such as bobby pins, almonds, clear nail polish and 90 lbs of Advil), your phone case protects and holds your phone in an expressive way. Why not make a statement with your phone case that says, “I like to eat, and not just eat, but eat doughnuts.” You’re so deep.

Photo credit: - theSugarloafBoutique

Photo credit: – theSugarloafBoutique


Another top that I admit is actually pretty cute. I Heart Doughnuts<3

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

And finally, go big or go home. Eat a doughnut and be happy because your diet starts never tomorrow. Photos by me, and yes I actually ate these delicious devils.  (rebeccajk_ on Instagram)




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