Restaurant Rave: Toast

If you were introducing someone to Long Island and wanted to show them all the great spots and towns the island has to offer, put Port Jefferson on the list of stops. While it is not the upscale Hamptons, the offbeat  hispter Brooklyn, or even the quaint eastern vineyards,  it offers some fantastic food and a great place to just  “chill out” near the water. Anyone who lives on the North Shore of the island will certainly tell you that it’s a popular choice for any summer day outing.

That brings us to the restaurants in Port Jefferson. Some are nothing worth bragging about, but others have established  a solid reputation. Being near the water, most restaurants pride themselves on their fish dishes whether its tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes or just some classic fish n’ chips. Toast, which is on East Main Street, doesn’t really hang with the beachy fish restaurant crowd. They offer a consistently good, unique bunch and lunch place in which the food speaks for itself.

Be warned, when deciding to go to Toast know there will be a wait. There’s always a wait. Once seated in the small restaurant that features local, unknown artists’ work on the walls (on sale for high prices, I may add), you get to decide between 30 options on what you’d like to order. And yes, that is the number you will narrow it down to. Want an omelette? Sure! But, they all look good…Want a burger? You got it, but once again you’re leaning towards more than one option. I chose the Hamptons Ham and Brie wrap because brie is freaking fancy and I heard someone else behind me order it. I really just needed any reason to decide as the waiter approached the table. My fellow diner ordered the jalapeno chicken burger and the table near us ordered 900 bellinis.

When my wrap came I ate really quickly because I was hungry, but also because the slightly salty ham, creamy brie and crunchy lettuce with its honey mustard vinaigrette were just making my taste buds crave more and more by the second.

Oh, the fries were also AWESOME. You know sometimes when fries are just OK? I’ts one of the worst letdowns in the world. Fries are delicious and we expect them to be all the time. When they’re not its as if you went to a party hoping to see someone and then find out they’re not there. Yeah, you’re still at a party, but who the hell cares at that point. At Toast, my friend I was dying to see was there. And in my mouth constantly. That sounds really bad…let’s just move on.
ToastwrapI really wanted to order dessert, but I’m fake dieting again so I didn’t. (Got a Starbucks frap later on.) The total came to about $14 with tip, which is a little much but I also was really full after eating the entire majority of the wrap and plate small helping of fries. Toast is a great place for a group or date where one or two people may be picky. It’s also super kid-friendly, which is a great thing for families and a bad thing for everyone else.




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