Restaurant Rave: Sweet Green

“Meet me at Sweet Green. It’s like Chipotle for salads,” my friend texted me around lunch time, immediately sparking my interest by comparing our soon-to-be meeting spot to the nothing-less-than-perfect Chipotle. Let’s get one thing straight: I LOVE Chipotle and anything in the same realm of deliciousness is something I naturally feel inclined to try.

I approached the corner of this potential heaven and saw that it was fairly crowded. Despite the inside looking like a worker bee hive,  the line moved fast, which made Sweet Green an extremely appealing option for busy bees in the area.

Choosing between the slightly unusual but intriguing premade salad options and the “make your own” one was a little overwhelming, as you are hurried along the line and forced to make your decision promptly. As a slightly frantic and last minute decision, I chose the Kale Caesar salad (pictured below), which proved to be quite delicious.

Sitting outside in the hot sun, I was refreshed by the local, crisp kale and creamy dressing. The cheesy bits were yummy, but a little strong and frankly made me feel like I would suffer from heartburn if any more of them were piled into my bowl. Despite their unwelcomed presence, they did work well as a flavor component.

Honestly, it was not the best salad I’ve ever had, yet I appreciate the attempt at using all local ingredients. You can taste the difference, and you feel charitable knowing you’re supporting local farms.

Good news for anyone outside NYC: Sweet Greens has locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, Massachusetts and Virginia.

If you become addicted, like many have, make sure you download their rewards app. Upon downloading, you get $5 towards your next purchase and rack up rewards points with every scan. Talk about getting some sweet green.




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