Binge or Bail: The Dropped-Inseam Pant

The Men’s Spring 2014 and 2015 collections bring us a style that has already been adapted by women’s street wear in the form of the Harem and Palazzo pant. Airy, loose and free-flowing pant silhouettes are undoubtedly preferred by anyone who wishes to enjoy the rising temperatures while also sporting a more concealing option. The harem pant is nothing new, as it claims roots from Arabia and has been seen on MC Hammer and our favorite Disney rags-to-riches prince, Aladdin. (Jasmine, by the way, also wears a Harem-inspired pant with a sweetheart crop top most of the movie; she was ahead of her time).

Despite the lack of originality in actual style, the modifications made to this recently trendy pant are quite suiting for a wide variety of ensemble personalities. Let’s compare the highs and the lows, on which are bargain and on which to blow.


Binge: Rick Owens Drawstring Cropped Drop-Inseam Pants ($985)

Bail:  KC By Kill City Tapered Drawstring Cropped Pant ($69)

 The Rick Owens pant looks like luxury activewear, with the prominent drawstring and slightly faded wash while the Kill City pant provides a bit more functional freedom. Although the KC is a casual pant, it could be dressed up if you’re daring, making it a better contender for your hard-earned cash. I will say the Rick Owens pant looks more expensive, but because it limits itself due to its un-tailored structure, I say bail and go with the KC.

Binge: Michael Kors (not to be confused with Michael by Michael Kors) pleated wide-leg trouser ($$$)

Photo credit: courtesy of Michael Kors

Photo credit: courtesy of Michael Kors

Bail: Daniel Ellissa Double-Pleated Wide Leg Pant ($50-$25)

First off, let me say I think wide leg trousers on men are so cool and can look amazing if done right. The tight skinny jeans that give the illusion of malnourished toothpicks for legs was never something I found appealing on a professional over the age of 20. If you can pull these off, know these pants are more of an investment piece. They’re fairly classic and probably will fit better as the quality improves. While I may not opt for the incredibly pricey Michael Kors, I think the bail option may not please all. However, try to go up the ladder of cost before immediately swiping your card on the pricey brand.

Binge: LOT 78 Leather Jogger ($800)

Bail: GZMN Black on Black Faux Leather Drop Crotch Joggers ($60)

Let’s just cut to the chase – the bail option looks 30x better, and is incomparable in price. Problem solved.

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